April 5, 2011

Help Save Stead House !

We need your help to fight the changes to the historic house at 14 Pacific Street Watsons Bay.

Not only is it one of the few houses with historic bones left on a harbour full of glass and steel box structures- it also inspired Christina Stead's greatest novel : The Man Who Loved Children.

Built in 1879 it was home to conservationist David Stead, Botanist Thistle Stead and novelist Elizabeth Stead. Proposed plans before Woollahra want to add a glass box to the harbour front and add a huge structure to the street- while excavating 1000 cubic metres for a three car garage and a pool.

How could the local, State or Federal government allow it to be modernised, allow the historic garden to be demolished and ancient trees removed?

Please add your voice to the comments below and email the mayor: isabelle.shapiro@woollahra.nsw.gov.au