December 13, 2012


One of our members recently complained about excessive noise from a function at the Gap Bluff Centre. Management of the Centre responded and the following extract from their message may be of interest to all residents.

As with all Gap Bluff Centre bookings, last nights' clients were contractually required to comply with the sites amplified noise restrictions which permit amplified music within the venues until 10pm (Sun-Thu) to a maximum level of 85db(A) at the source. 

According to our National Parks officer assigned to this function noise levels were measured at no more than 70 to 80db(A) however despite this and in accordance with our conditions measures were taken immediately to lower the sound level when a noise complaint was received by our supervisor from a resident of Cliff St around 9pm. 

My understanding is that the client and their DJ acted quickly to reduce the volume as soon as they became aware of the noise complaint from our supervisor. I suspect the music appeared loud partly due to the very low ambient noise as a result of a very still night.  

Over the past 10 years National Parks has taken measures to restrict how late amplified music is permitted in the venues to reduce the impact on local neighbours and has scaled back what was a 12 midnight music curfew when we took over direct management of the site in 2000 to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11pm on a Friday & Saturday or any day followed by a public holiday. 

All events are supervised by a National Parks officer who as part of their duties is required to measure noise levels on a regular basis with the Gap Bluff Centre’s sound level meter to ensure conditions are not breached. Regardless of the noise levels, in the event of a public complaint, action is to be taken to minimise noise as quickly and effectively as possible.

As an added measure we have restricted the types of events permitted on site determining that children’s parties, 18th and 21st birthday’s, dance parties, school formals and the like are inappropriate uses of the venues due to the noise they generate and are therefore not permitted.

As a result of these measures and difficult economic conditions the number of bookings we have taken for the venues has dropped dramatically over the past few years to the point where the business operates at a loss and has become unsustainable in its current form. 

This has contributed to the decision for the site along with the local National Parks harbour cottages and residences within the South Head precinct to be imminently subject to an Expression of Interest for the commercial management of these locations through a lessee.

In terms of what remains of our direct management we currently have very low numbers of evening bookings looking forward with only about 3 events a month until the last confirmed booking at this stage in April ’13. We have been directed by management to not take any bookings after 31 July ’13.