November 28, 2012


Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to all of you who attended our AGM on 18th November. We are also grateful to those members who could not attend, but sent messages of support. It was terrific to welcome a number of new members.

The meeting provided an opportunity to review WBA progress and to more accurately define key areas of concern to the Watsons Bay community.

Minutes of the AGM are posted separately. I have, however, summarised a number of issues:

Our membership is now 55 households and we expect to welcome more. Our finances are fairly healthy, with our bank balance now $6,633.70. Many members continue to provide valuable services in kind, which is highly appreciated. 

A major achievement was to define the principal areas of concentration for the WBA for 2012-13 and to identify members willing to participate in action groups.

The key areas and the action group members are:

Communications, Sponsorship and Events

Camilla Strang has established an enthusiastic group and the WBA website is up and running at We are fortunate that so many talented WBA members have donated their time to create a site we can be proud of.

The first edition of the WBA newsletter, ‘Bay News’ was produced before the AGM.

If you don’t have a copy, we can send you one. The publication has been well-received and ongoing contributions will be welcomed, both for the newsletter as well as the website.

Camilla is also interested in hearing from members who can provide support to her group.

Transport management and parking

The following members have indicated their willingness to form this action group and will be meeting soon, thanks to Catherine Boardman.  

Catherine Boardman, Robin Derricourt, Bob Morecroft, Mans Carlsson and Pip Conlon.

Mans Carlsson has initiated a Facebook page to promote the introduction of a commuter ferry for Watsons Bay. Check it out at:

Retail precinct development and improvement

Stuart Fereday offered to be part of a working group on this issue. We would appreciate hearing from members who wish to be involved in supporting activities in the Watsons Bay retail area.

Community Garden

A number of members expressed interest in developing a community garden. Ron Berkelmans noted that the ‘lawnie’ was considered unsuitable for this activity in view of the high levels of shade.

The group will need to contact Council for an outline of what is needed, discussion of potential sites (reserve on Pacific St, reserve behind Dunbar House), available council grants.  
The following members indicated their willingness to pursue this initiative:

Mary Thill-Turke, Carina Randall, Darryl Sloshberg.

Divers in Cliff St and Watsons Bay baths

Several members will check with Council on permissible activities on local streets and footpaths, noting that large diving groups assembling equipment etc. often presented an inconvenience, and possibly safety hazard, to residents.

Input to Council Development Plans

Louise McElvogue, Ron Berkelmans and Andrew Wiesner agreed to discuss how to approach potential Council changes to the planning process, as outlined in a recent NSW Green Paper.  A copy of Woollahra Council’s response to the Green paper appears separately on the blog.

David Sheedy is interested in the redevelopment of the Watsons Bay Pilot Station (NSW Transport + Maritime), as well as providing ongoing efforts to restore the last Watsons Bay lifeboat, the ‘Alice Rawson.’

Members who would like to be involved in developments at the Pilot Station, please let us know. There is also an active group of Gibsons Beach residents who have made a number of representations to authorities about community use of the property. We can work with them to ensure there is a strong community component in the redevelopment.  

Please let us know if you would like to be involved in any of these groups - or indeed in any other area of concern and relevance.

Moran Retirement Village

This major development will take place on the former site of the Vaucluse High School on Old South Head Road. Ericka van Aalst of the Christison Park Action Group (SCPAG) has been co-ordinating submissions to Council from nearby residents. There may be overflow parking issues for Watsons Bay.  If you are interested in developments with this DA, please let us know and we can possibly add the WBA’s views to other submissions.

Flooding in Camp Cove Reserve

Members will be aware of the flooding of the ‘lawnie’ and surrounding areas during June. Council’s response to our submission on the flooding is provided separately on the blog.

Getting to know Woollahra Councillors

The Local Government elections in September resulted in a number of new councillors being elected to Woollahra Council. WBA directors and members will meet with Councillors to establish relationships and outline the objectives of the WBA. If you know any Councillors or can help in this area, let us know.

Election of WBA President - 2013

As I noted at the AGM, I would like to step down as President of the WBA in March 2013. I plan to continue my contribution to the WBA but feel that after nearly two years in our establishment period, it is appropriate for someone else to take over as President.

An extract from our Constitution follows:
S6 (1) Nominations of candidates for election as office-bearers of the association or as ordinary committee members:
(a) must be made in writing, signed by 2 members of the association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of the nomination).
A simple letter of nomination, with signed consent, is all that is required.


For members who could not attend the AGM, or who may not have renewed their membership, a membership renewal form is provided on the blog. It includes our bank details for EFT deposits. The subscription fee remains unchanged at $30 per household.

A membership application form is also provided on the WBA website: Click on:
We have no activities planned during the holiday period. Some of the action groups are planning to meet before Christmas to make some progress before the festive season.

But we will be in touch again before Christmas.

And once again, we really appreciate and value your ongoing support for the Watsons Bay community.

Roger Bayliss - President
Louise McElvogue – Vice President
Ron Berkelmans – Vice President

Watsons Bay Association Incorporated
4 Victoria Street 
Watsons Bay NSW 2030