November 28, 2012



5.30 pm, SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER, 2012


Roger Bayliss – President (Chair), Louise McElvogue – Vice President, Ron Berkelmans – Vice President, Julie Bayliss – Treasurer.

Approximately 40 members attended.

Apologies were received from Irene and Colin Still, Caroline and John Matthews, Pip Conlon, Katrin Graebner, Sharilea Hitchcock, Jay Bannister (CO, HMAS Watson)  and Terry and Liz Wolfe.

The meeting was declared open by Roger Bayliss at 6pm, with a quorum present.

Minutes of the previous General Meeting, held on 21st June 2011 were presented for adoption.

Moved by Kim Messenger, Seconded by Louise McElvogue.

Directors of the WBA provided summaries of operations during 2011-12, emphasising key achievements such as working on major DAs (three), relations with Council, launch of the website ( and newsletter and the visit to HMAS Watson.

Camilla Strang addressed the meeting to express thanks to members who had assisted with the creation of the WBA website and the first edition of the WBA newsletter, both of which have been well-received. Camilla acknowledged the contributions of a number of members who had contributed to the projects. Local stories and other contributions to the website will be welcomed.

Julie Bayliss presented the financial accounts for the association, noting total income for 2011-12 of $12,898.82 and expenditure of $6,265.12. Major items of expenditure included partial funding of a heritage report on 14 Pacific Street as well as the website creation. Total funds on deposit stood at $6,633.70.

WBA directors recently met with NSW MP Gabrielle Upton, member for Vaucluse. Ms Upton expressed interest in receiving information on WBA’s activities on an ongoing basis. Roger/Louise will follow up.

Key issues facing the Watsons Bay community were addressed by directors.

Louise McElvogue emphasised the need for active participation by members in several areas, including:

Transport management and parking

Kosta Akon raised his concerns about visitors parking in the Watsons Bay precinct, including the impact of the short term visitors scheme. A resolution was moved to investigate the short term visitors parking permit scheme offered by Woollahra Council as well as broader questions about parking. It was noted that parking by staff and sailors from HMAS Watsons in Cliff Street appears to be increasing. 

Questions that need to be asked include the level of member support for a new car parking station; support for increased residents parking, push for increased enforcement and signage. Application of timed parking throughout WB with residents exceptions. Improved bus and ferry service and encouraging locals to use it. Tourism infrastructure.

Hylda Rolfe provided background on the history of the residents parking scheme and related issues.

Several members raised the issue of a commuter ferry for Watsons Bay. It was noted that Gabrielle Upton was supporting a commuter ferry for Watsons Bay. Woollahra Council has also resolved to send a message to the NSW Government supporting a commuter ferry service. See

Several members noted the linkage between ferry services and parking, emphasising that an integrated approach was required.

The following members indicated their willingness to form this action group.  

Catherine Boardman, Robin Derricourt and Bob Morecroft.

Retail precinct development and improvement

Stuart Fereday offered to be part of a working group on this issue. 

Community Garden

A number of members expressed interest in developing a community garden. Ron Berkelmans noted that the ‘lawnie’ was considered unsuitable for this activity in view of the high levels of shade.
The group will need to contact Council for an outline of what is needed, discussion of potential sites (reserve on Pacific St, reserve behind Dunbar House), available council grants.  

The following members indicated their willingness to pursue this initiative:

Mary Thill-Turke, Carina Randall, Darryl Sloshberg.

Divers in Cliff St and Watsons Bay baths

Several members agreed to check with Council on permissible activities on local streets and footpaths, noting that large diving groups assembling equipment etc. often presented an inconvenience to residents. Some members mentioned that safety issues may also be involved in the aggregation of diver groups.

Input to Council Development Plans

Louise McElvogue, Ron Berkelmans and Andrew Wiesner agreed to discuss how to approach potential Council changes to the planning process, as outlined in a recent NSW Green paper.

David Sheedy outlined progress with the redevelopment of the Watsons Bay Pilot Station (NSW Transport + Maritime), as well as his ongoing efforts to restore the last Watsons Bay lifeboat, the ‘Alice Rawson.’ David has been in contact with the likely leaseholders, the Boating Industry Association of NSW, who indicated an interest in establishing a small maritime museum at the site, as well as incorporating the ‘Alice Rawson’ in the precinct as a working exhibit.

A group to monitor developments at the Pilot Station is needed. Several members have expressed interest in the development of the site and its use by the community.

Roger Bayliss also moved a vote of thanks to the staff of HMAS Watson for arranging the WBA visit, Anthony Leatherbarrow of Glimpse for hosting the AGM, Vaucluse Yacht Club for hosting past meetings, the Paddington Society for advice and support as well as a number of WBA members for a range of supporting activities. 

Roger Bayliss indicated that he wished to step down as WBA President in March 2013.

Signature of Chairman

24 November 2012

Lodge minutes and annual accounts with NSW Fair Trading
Roger and Julie
Follow up with Gabrielle Upton on WBA matters
Roger and Louise
Action group formation:
-        Transport management and parking
-        Retail precinct
-        Community garden
-        Scuba groups
-        Input to Council Development Planning process
-        Pilot Station

Roger, Louise, Ron and members
Follow up members for subscriptions
Roger and Julie
Contributions for website
All members  - Camilla is contact
Meet with Woollahra Councillors (esp new Councillors)
Ron, Louise and others